Couples getting engaged to be married in the best possible way, all caught on camera!

Liam and Amy got engaged thanks to Magic!
When Liam wanted to propose to Amy, he wanted to something she never saw coming.
Aspirational Antipodean groom-to-be Liam Cooper didn’t fancy an old fashioned proposal to his girlfriend Amy, so hatched a snazzy and elaborate one involving family, friends and a local cinema.
The enamoured lover took a cue from latter day reggae popsters Magic!, and made his own specially tailored music video for their hit Rude, which was then screened before a movie at a local cinema whilst an unaware Amy watched and crafty Liam slipped out to the restrooms to don a suit.
In the video Liam is seen asking for permission from girlfriend Amy’s dad to marry her, with constant refusals spurring Liam forward into a montage of vain self improvement, heartache and melancholy, until finally he decides he’s going to - guess where this is going - ‘marry her anyway’.
Watch the full music below and underneath that is the origanal video by Magic!