Couples getting engaged to be married in the best possible way, all caught on camera!

They met when they were 10
Sam and Jessica met when they were ten years old. Jessica thought she was acting in a video.
When asked about the proposal Jessica said "Sam’s cousin Matty has been writing and producing his own music for years, and Sam and I have always been huge supporters. Whatever the case - whether it was going to see him at local bars or being extras in his music videos - we were always more than willing to be a part of it! So when Matty asked Sam and me to be the featured couple in his latest music video, we were so excited to participate! One of our best friends, Domenick, is also a film producer and was going to be filming the video. So to me, this was nothing out of the ordinary."
Domenick had the whole day planned out - from location & wardrobe changes to the “extras” that were involved. We started the day at LOVE Park in Philadelphia and got some great shots in all of the iconic places. Then we each headed to our parents’ houses, where we were filmed getting ready for the restaurant scene. We filmed the date scene at a local restaurant that happens to be owned by a family friend, and when I arrived the extras were already there. These extras included my twin sister, Sam’s sister, my parents, and other childhood friends. Again, this was nothing out of the ordinary since all of our friends and family have always helped Matty out in the past.
The scene was similar to the others we had filmed earlier in the day - until Matty started playing the song. The entire day I had been told that the single was called “Under the Stars”, but when Matty started playing, I realized it was a completely different song. I still didn’t really know what was happening until he sang the last line of the song - “I’ve been hoping that you’ll marry me someday”. I then saw Sam drop to one knee! After Sam asked me to marry him (and after I said YES!), the rest of our friends and family rushed into the restaurant to congratulate us!"