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Shane surprised Ariana At A NBA Bulls Game
Ariana was performing with the Chicago Bulls Luvabulls, when the music suddenly changed.
Ariana Rosado got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend, Shane Zackery, popped out of an inflatable Benny the Bull mascot suit and proposed to her at half court during a third quarter timeout.
“It did take a little bit of planning,” Shane explained. “I did have help from some of the Luvabulls … From there, I just started talking to her coach, the manager of entertainment, and just making sure we set everything up in the right way and make sure this was going to be something special for Ariana.”
Shane said he planned the proposal in conjunction with the Heat game because he’s a LeBron James fan, and it was also his birthday. As for Ariana, she was completely shocked at what was happening.
“I had no idea whatsoever,” she said. “I was in complete shock and awe. It was an amazing surprise.”
The two met at St. Xavier University on Chicago's South Side and have been dating for two-and-a-half years.